Avoid The Skills Gap, Secure The Best Candidates

Apr 12, 2018 | Hiring, Industry News, Uncategorized

A skills gap is the “mismatch between relative supply and demand of skills across U.S. cities.” When there is an abundance of skills, that means supply (skills) exceeds demand (open jobs).

According to a recent workforce report from LinkedIn, one of the most abundant skill sectors in the Cleveland-Akron area is Lean Manufacturing and Quality Management.

If this is true, there should be no problem filling your open positions with these types of skilled employees, right? Unfortunately, some hiring managers still have difficulty finding top talent. If you struggle to find qualified manufacturing talent for your company, here are a few things you could be doing to increase the success of your search:

Post Complete Job Descriptions

Candidates have lots of options when choosing a job. Make sure your job description is up-to-par with the competition. There should be an engaging intro about the position, a bulleted list of responsibilities, requirements and a segment at the end about your company. Include all the relevant details that a candidate would need to know about the job: pay rate, hours, duties, etc. Be sure your list of duties and required skills isn’t unrealistic – no candidate will have it all, and a huge list can scare them away from even applying! Find the balance of enough information without being overwhelming.

employees avoiding the skills gap

Offer Great Benefits

Does your company offer good benefits? Things like this can really set your job apart from the rest. Health benefits, 401k match and flexible hours are all things that can really make or break whether or not a top candidate will apply for your position and take the job. Work these benefits into your budget to appeal to top talent and compete with other open job listings.

Work With Specialized Recruiters

Have you ever worked with a recruiting company to fill your open positions? Partnering with a staffing company can heighten the quality of your candidate pool. You will save time by letting a recruiter find the best talent for you to review. Choose a specialized staffing company, like Alliance Technical Solutions, that knows the industry inside and out.

Keep these things in mind when trying to fill positions at your company. An awesome job description, benefits and help with specialized recruiting can really make the difference when searching for top talent. Want to learn about working with Alliance Technical Solutions? Contact us today.


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