Be SMART About Manufacturing Energy Consumption

Feb 27, 2018 | Industry News, Technology

SMART Manufacturing

SMART manufacturing stands for: sense, measure, analyze, report and train. Many are deeming this the future of small to medium-sized manufacturing companies. New tech allows manufacturers to use energy more effectively using machines, more advanced processes and data in real time. It is estimated that these methods will lead to more efficient and productive designs and processes, minimizing supply risk and generating more value in the industry.


Predictive Data and Smart Devices

Along with new data collection methods comes a new understanding of how machines and various manufacturing systems use energy. An example of a smart data collection method is sensors. These devices can help to catch possible malfunctions and even shut a machine down if a serious problem arises. Another example of a smart energy device is a smart meter. Smart meters provide energy consumption reports to manufacturing leaders in real time which allows manufacturers to not only monitor consumption but make adjustments before problems occur.  Predictive data collection can eventually lower the cost of machine repairs and equipment will also last longer as a result.

Don’t Disregard Human Monitoring

While predictive analytics can be a reliable method of monitoring, it’s also a good idea not to forget about good old-fashioned human monitoring as well. The human factor can be just as important in manufacturing, so make sure to delegate the most critical tasks to humans and leave more repetitive tasks to the robots!

Keep these things in mind to make sure you are reducing energy consumption in your warehouse. This will also mean you will boost your profits! Stay on top of SMART technology by hiring smart workers. Looking for skilled manufacturers? Alliance Technical Solutions can help. Contact us today!

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