How Blogging Can Help Potential Employees Find Your Company

Dec 19, 2017 | Industry News

Every company should be blogging – even manufacturing companies! Almost everyone reads blogs nowadays, whether they are news blogs, personal blogs or industry blogs related to one’s work. Blogs have only been an important part of our online lives for the past five to ten years, but they have become very useful.

There are many benefits that come along with blogging. Looking to gain more business? Blogging helps! Want to build your reputation as an industry expert? Blog! How about building relationships with current clients? Blogging can help with that too!

Have I convinced you yet? No? Keep reading for some benefits of starting a manufacturing blog for your company.

Gain exposure for your company

Blogging is a great way to get your company name out there. If one of your business goals is to gain more recognition and expose your company to new people, your online presence is extremely important. Most people go online daily. Your blog content is something that people can easily share with their connections on various social media channels, exposing your website to new viewers. Publishing blogs about the manufacturing industry might also get your website referenced by other manufacturing companies or informational websites, which can bring you more business, in turn.

Improve your online search results

Search engines, like Google, scour websites for terms and information that relate to what web users are typing into Google, so if your blog contains relevant industry terms, it will help your website show up higher up in search engine results list. Another way to build up your SEO, search engine optimization, is to add images to your blog posts. You can attach keywords to these blog images, as well as links. As your website gets more and more traffic, Google will move your site higher up in results to reward you.

Establish your company or leadership team as experts

By publishing blogs on relevant industry news, you are building your credibility with potential and current clients. Write about manufacturing trends and information specific to your company and your target audience will begin to come to your site for news. This will build trust between your company and your audience. You will be more top of mind and also your blog readers may eventually become customers or employees!

Build customer relationships

Build great customer relationships by being a resource partner instead of just a retailer, seller or vendor. If you send a company newsletter to your contact list, you can link to your blog articles in your newsletter. Engage with customers by allowing blog comment sections at the end of your blog articles. Once users begin commenting on your blogs, you can view their discussions and begin a conversation with them.

Keep these reasons in mind when making a decision about starting your company blog. When you do, you will be on your way to gaining exposure, improving your online search results, establishing your company and team as experts and building relationships with your customers and potential employees. Looking for other ways to build relationships with potential employees? Contact a recruiter today.


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