How to Make Your Job Stand Out in a Competitive Manufacturing Market

Aug 21, 2017 | Hiring

Adam Swinderman, Recruitment Specialist

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When it comes to employment, the manufacturing market is very candidate-driven. For job seekers with desirable skills, this is good news. However, as an employer searching for top talent, you may need to make some changes in order to make your job opening stand out.

Here are some tips to set your manufacturing job apart from the rest:


Know the market

It is important to do your research and see what else is out there when it comes to the job market. Find out how much similar jobs are paying. Does your rate measure up? Are there enough quality candidates to fill these types of positions? Determine who your ideal candidate is. In addition to having the necessary manufacturing skills, you also want a reliable employee who works well with your team and pays attention to detail. What other candidate qualities do you look for? Perhaps you need to enlist third party resources (like a specialized staffing company who understands the market) for help.

Ask yourself: can I attract talent by going contract-to-hire instead of direct-hire?


Separate your opportunity from the pack

Candidates have many options when it comes to choosing a job. It is important to position your opportunity in a way that is attractive to potential employees. What can you do to attract the most qualified candidates to your opening?

An attractive benefits package is something that will definitely speak volumes to a potential employee. Do you offer an opportunity for growth within the company structure? What about flexibility with PTO, vacation and work/life balance? If yes, those are things you will want to highlight in your job posting. If your company has a great work culture, that will help to attract quality employees as well. Check out our guide about hiring for smart culture.


Know your candidates’ needs and wants

If an individual is leaving a company for another opportunity, it is essential to understand what their real reason is. Conduct an exit interview to find out. Their answer will give you a glimpse of what type of employee they could be for you. This is something all hiring managers and recruiters should understand completely.

What are the goals of the individual? A lot of hiring managers never bother to ask this, but how do you expect to keep and attract top talent if you don’t know what their goals are? Sure, there are probably goals set forth by the company, but what do your candidates and employees look to accomplish and how can that benefit your company? Finding this synergy can ensure that your company’s values line up with your employees’ values.


Communicate with your recruiter

If you work with a recruiter, make sure they understand all of these things. In an ideal world, your recruiter and hiring manager want the same thing. One question I always like to ask the hiring manager is “How do you sell the opportunity and your company?” Do you have fun company events, a good culture, close knit teams or a really great work environment? If so, please let the recruiter know these details. We want to sell this opportunity just as much as you do, so give all the ammo you can!

In this candidate-driven job market, keep these tips in mind to stand out in the crowd. Need help finding top talent for your company? Contact Alliance Technical Solutions for a free consultation, (866) 939-0100 Ext 6.


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