“Non-manufacturing” skills manufacturing employers look for in potential employees

Jul 21, 2017 | Employment, Interviewing, Job Search

In the manufacturing industry, it’s no secret that you need proper training, certification and education for certain skilled manufacturing positions. In addition to these necessary manufacturing skills, what other qualities are hiring managers looking for in an employee when it comes to building their manufacturing team?


Attention to detail

Many manufacturing positions require speed and precision. To be successful in manufacturing, you must stay focused and pay attention to detail. Some manufacturing jobs require you to work with heavy machinery and lack of focus when operating these types of machines can be very dangerous. Concentration is essential. Employers are looking for candidates who can follow complex instructions and be thorough with every assigned task.

Industry 4.0


Reliability / Good work ethic

Reliability is a quality that should be taught at an early age. An employee with less experience may be able to compensate for some of that experience by being a reliable employee. Show up to work early for each shift. Refrain from calling off work at the last minute, unless it is an absolute emergency. A quality employee shows respect for others’ time. Don’t take more time than you are given for breaks and lunches. When you’re at work, stay focused on the tasks at hand and operate with integrity and honesty.


Works well with a team

Being a team player is a positive quality in any field, especially manufacturing. You often have to work closely with others. The most efficient and productive teams are successful because they work well together. Employees must be able to communicate well with each other, assist each other in problem solving and be willing to help each other learn (as many manufacturing positions require cross-training).


Tech Savvy

As the manufacturing industry grows and evolves, so does the presence of manufacturing technology. A candidate who is naturally tech savvy will be more appealing to an employer because of their potential to adapt to the ever-changing manufacturing processes, software and machinery brought on by Industry 4.0. If you don’t consider yourself the most knowledgeable when it comes to technology, consider enrolling in a course or asking for some additional training from a mentor who is. This will help you stand out when you are being considered for a position.


If you’re interested in a manufacturing career, keep these skills in mind and do your best to strive for excellence in each area. It will surely help your application stand out from the rest. For tips on what to include in a manufacturing resume, check out this blog post. Still not sure where to start? Contact us for a free consultation and one of our career experts will get in touch with you.


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