Trump says Ohio manufacturing is dying. We disagree.

Oct 3, 2016 | Employee Expertise, Hiring, Industry News

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After the first presidential debate last Sunday, both candidates made some bold statements and were fact-checked throughout. One of the topics that was addressed was the state of the manufacturing industry in the U.S.

Republican candidate Donald Trump was quoted saying, “You go to New England. You go to Ohio, Pennsylvania […] and you will see devastation where manufacturing is down thirty, forty, sometimes fifty percent.”

But did you know that, in reality, manufacturing is thriving in the midwest? In an article from IndustryWeek, Ohio is ranked as the #3 top manufacturing state in the country.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]When discussing the state of production plants in America, he said, “So Ford is leaving, you see that their small car division, leaving. Thousands of jobs leaving Michigan, leaving Ohio, they’re all leaving.”[/perfectpullquote]

According to a fact check and analysis article from NPR, “Unemployment in Michigan is 4.5 percent; Ohio rate is 4.7 percent. Both are better than the national average of 4.9 percent.”

The truth is, there are a lot of quality Ohio manufacturing candidates, so why are you having trouble finding them?

Your HR employee needs help sourcing. Sourcing is defined as “the proactive searching for qualified job candidates for current or planned open positions.” Networking, advertising, collecting relevant candidate data and searching through resume databases are just some of what goes into sourcing. At times your HR personnel can lack the time and resources to do it all on their own, and need some additional assistance.

Not enough time/resources. It can take countless hours to search online job boards to find the right employee, not to mention the fees you have to pay to belong to some of those websites. Why pay thousands of dollars for a Monster membership when you can pay a recruiter a one-time fee to do the work for you? We, at Alliance Technical, sift through 150+ resumes before sending you one!


Passive candidates. Sometimes the perfect candidate for you isn’t actively job hunting right now. They might be currently employed, not knowing they could be happier working for someone else. This type of talent can be harder to reach because they aren’t on job boards. That’s where Alliance Technical can help. We have access to those passive candidates, because we have the tools and relationships it takes to get in touch with them for you.

Lack of specialization. Does your HR employee understand your industry? Most HR professionals are generalized. It doesn’t mean they aren’t good at what they do, but how much does your HR staff really know about the skilled manufacturing positions you need to fill? For example, my father is a Mechanical Engineer in the polymer industry and I’ve been around the manufacturing industry my entire life. The team I work with at Alliance Technical harnesses a collective 35 years of experience of staffing and recruiting in skilled manufacturing so we know the field inside and out and can deliver that specialized candidate that your organization is searching for.


Take a look at your hiring process. Do any of these things sound familiar? Consider working with a specialized staffing company, like Alliance Technical, to take the headache out of the search. Interested in learning more? Visit our website or give us a call, (866) 939-0100.

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